Life of a Music Addict

So I started this thinking I needed to post an updated since I get them posted few and far between but now that I think about this year I feel like music has really dominated my life as of recently.


For anyone that has know me for any prolonged period of time I don’t need to tell you how much music influences my frame of mind at any given time. Now, when I listen to music it can be because of a place it puts me and the mood of the music doesn’t necessarily reflect my mood. For example, depressing music or angry music don’t necessarily mean I am sad or angry. A lot of the time it puts me in a place I remember from the past.

This year has kind of turned into the “Brandon is turning 30” tour for music. I have been going to tons of live shows and seeing bands from my past that are still touring. I have loved every minute of it, even if sometimes it meant spending more money than I should have been. I have been trying to make the best of every moment by meeting the bands, getting autographs and photos.

I wanted to be able to look back at the year and see things I have wanted to do since high school but at the time I didn’t have the money for. As we roll into fall I think I have done a pretty damn good job of it too. I have a few more shows to go before the year ends and I look forward to them. As much fun as it has been seeing all these bands and meeting them, I just don’t think my wallet can keep up anymore, but it was fun while it lasted.

526557_657971198795_1378171220_nThis has also inspired me to rekindle some old music flames like BoySetfire, which was pretty much long forgotten for me, I mean, the last time I saw them was in high school at Fletcher’s, which doesn’t even exist anymore. I am thankful for this influx of live music and hope the flame doesn’t die out entirely. I have met plenty of new people at the shows and in lines that share my music appreciation and that makes me feel just as good as seeing the show.

Create all of the digital recordings and videos on youtube you want, A live show will always trump them. There is nothing like the feeling I have at shows and for that I will always pay. I am not one for being good at meeting new people, but I feel like live shows are one of the few places that I can do so on a regular basis. It is the once place I come out of my shell around strangers. And for that I am always greatful to the music gods.

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